Wednesday, 15 January 2014

AshMoon. The Wedding

Someone (Mark H) asked me to add a link to this song by AshMoon called The Wedding which I don't mind doing as it is by  ex-Moondragon member Andy Ashton so kind of fits with this blog in a roundabout way.

Chronic - Who Cares?

A new post from Andy Ashton's pre-Moondragon band Chronic. Thanks to Mark H for informing me about it & Andy for posting it. Great clip from a surprisingly good song. On the YouTube clip they say they are going to post more Chronic stuff. It's a shame there's not more Moondragon film/video out there. If anyone is still in contact with Andy or any other ex-Moondragon members. Do us a favour & ask if they have anything. I don't know if there is any video footage of them but if there is, it needs sharing. Be so amazing if there was.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Lordryk. The Competition.

At long last I have finally finished putting together this Lordryk slideshow (The Competition) Started it ages ago then got sidetracked with my life, work, family etc etc  whilst it sat waiting very patiently on my computer to see the light of day. I chose this song (The Competition) as it is one of my all time favourite Lordryk songs. As I have mentioned before, I would like to do more MoonDragon/Lordryk slideshows but without the photos of the band, I doubt if there will be many more, if any at all like this. Photos are very thin on the ground & I have pretty much exhausted my total supply (All cadged for free from Google!) Anyway enjoy the montage & please add any comments of you like it or not. As a sidenote I just want to add that although I set up/created this Moondragon/Lordryk Blogsite because I realised how very little there is out there on the web of this once great Cornish band. This site is for absolutely anyone who comes across it or is already subscribed to contribute equally. Be that through Photo's, Music, Memories etc You are all welcome to add to this blogsite if it relates in any way shape or form to Moondragon/Lordryk. I only started it as I saw the need that it would be nice to have a centralized place where old (or new) Moondragon/Lordryk fans could go to to find out more or reminisce about the good old days. So to any & all, feel free to add anything if you wish.   

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Moondragon. X-say-lent. Live at the Kaos

Just uploaded onto YouTube a quickly put together video of a Moondragon track taken from their only ever official "live" tape. Live at the Kaos. The song is called X-say-lent & is one of my all time favorite Moondragon songs.

Link to actual Youtube page here.

Again no photo's (well a couple) as they are very thin on the ground, but I am in the midst of working on a Lordryk upload which should be a little more pleasing/interesting on the eye. Any future uploads I will try & add Lyrics like on this one. Although the Odd Moondragon song I listen to, it's a bit like when I listen to Nevermind by Nirvana, Sounds absolutely fucking awesome but can't always make out what the lyrics actually are!... A couple of lines on this track X-say-lent had me scratching my head! Hopefully got it about 99% right?

Anyway enjoy the song & thumbs up if you like it.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Moondragon: Moondragon @ Helston Music Fayre, Cornwall 1990

Moondragon: Moondragon @ Helston Music Fayre, Cornwall 1990

Moondragon. No Time... Live recording from Victor Drago's gig in Falmouth Cornwall 1990

Just a quick post. Have just uploaded a new Moondragon song on to Youtube.

The song is called No Time and is a song that was done by Andy Ashton's previous band before Moondragon called Chronic. As far as I know this is the only recording of Moondragon doing this song in existence and it is interesting to hear this version and the prior Chronic version. I don't know the exact date of the recording of this song but do know it was definitely in 1990 probably very early in Moondragon's career. (as they formed in January/February 1990) It was recorded at Victor Drago's, Falmouth, Cornwall. I first saw Moondragon at Victor Drago's in December 1990 & don't recollect them doing this song (Not that I hardly would!) which is why I reckon it was from an earlier gig than when I saw them cos it's not a song I ever saw them play live (& I saw them loads of times).

Below is a link to the Chronic version of the song (No Time) So you can compare. Personally I prefer the Moondragon version as I find it Punkier & Edgier than the Chronic version, still a great song.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy it & look out for more Moondragon uploads as and when I post them. I'm still on the look out for Moondragon photos but have not got any yet so will probably just upload stuff without photo slideshows as no point in doing it half assed! Either want to do more uploads with photo's & make it look nice or just gonna have to upload songs only. Either way I wanna got More Moondragon/Lordryk onto Youtube.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Moondragon Photos

Wanted. Moondragon Photo's. I'd like to do more Slideshow/videos to upload on youtube featuring Moondragon songs. I desperately need Moondragon/Lordryk photo's if anyone has any. Contact me via this blog if you do. Video footage also would be totally even more amazing if anyone has any, but i really don't hold out much hope for that one. As far as photo's go, I used most of what i cadged off google or scanned for the Moondragon Dance 1990 video I put on youtube, so really scrapping the bottem of the barrel now. Seems a bit naff & boring to re-use the same photo's over and over as I want to make any future Moondragon stuff I put on Youtube to be pleasing and interesting to the eye as well as the ear. Anyway if anyone can help out then please add a comment on this blog & I'll get back to you.

Thanks, Mark